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THE BRIDGE Tutoring 
Quality Home Tutoring & Private Tuition

THE BRIDGE Tutoring is an Islamabad-based Premium Tutoring Company that offers quality home tutoring, online tutoring and coaching classes in Islamabad.
Founded in 2012 by a young entrepreneur THE BRIDGE now has 1200+ professional tutors from reputed schools & colleges and 700+ high achiever students.
We are committed to provide highly qualified and experienced Private Tutors for Pre-school, Elementary, High school (O Levels), College (A Levels) and University students.
Our Services Include Academic Tutoring, Test Preparation, Language Learning, Reading & Writing as well as Arts & Music Tutoring.

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10 Reasons to Choose “THE BRIDGE”

  1. Quality and Difference
  2. Results
  3. Selectivity
  4. Experience and Specialization
  5. Tailored Service
  6. Support
  7. Established Community, Commitment & Track Record
  8. Improving Understanding Through Test Schedule.
  9. Professional Qualified Tutors
  10. Providing Best Services on reasonable Cost.


We want to give your child the best just as you do.
      The mission of THE BRIDGE is to provide students with high-quality personalized Home Tuition which could help them in achieving their educational objectives, thus bringing to fore the multitudinous skills and talents that lie deep within each and every child. We strongly believe that our online tutoring courses would act as a basic foundation to transform your child into a more capable, strong and motivated individual in future.