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Home Tutor for NUST Entrance Test (NET) Preparation

NUST Entrance Test Preparation in Islamabad. Secure your seat in leading university of Pakistan.

NUST conducts Entry Test often called NET to evaluate analytical and educational strength of students to get into one of the most prestigious universities of Pakistan. Uniqueness of NET is that it is conducted thrice a year usually in December, March and July. Mostly candidates go for all three series of tests and best score is considered for merit aggregation at the end.

Preparation for NET 2020
Mostly students join academies for NET Preparation. Problem with academies is that students don't get personalized coaching because of overcrowded class strength. As a result students are unable to perform their best in the test and loose their chances to get admission in NUST. It's really painful to see students giving up on their NUSTian Dream. 

"THE BRIDGE Tutoring provides students with unique opportunity to get coaching for NUST Admission Test Preparation from the best tutors and Admission gurus in Islamabad.

You can schedule your classes on daily or weekly basis according to your own schedule and at your own place and save the time wasted in travelling to academies. 

Why Private Tutor for NET-3 Preparation?
  • Flexibility of Class Time and Duration
  • Personalized Coaching according to your own Learning Style
  • Personalized Tips and Hacks to Crack NET
  • Time Saving (You don't need to travel to academy)
  • High Quality Notes and Worksheets
Wait Wait Wait... we Believe in giving something Extra  
Each Student can avail a Career Coaching Session on a cup of Coffee with 

tutor for nust admission test preparation in Islamabad

Looking for a Private Tutor for NET Preparation?

As one of the Pakistan’s biggest professional tutors providers, we specialize in NUST Entry Test Preparations and other Admission Tests. Why not contact us now and setup your Demo Class?


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