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Top Schools in Islamabad

List of Best Schools in Islamabad.

Islamabad, the beautiful capital of Pakistan, promises not only an Elite life style but also provides best educational opportunities. All Top-Ranked Private Sector school/colleges systems have their campuses across the city. Armed Forces have also established their schools and colleges in Sector E-8 (Bahria Complex) and E-9 (PAF Complex) and these colleges are open for civilians too. Federal Government also running Public Sector Schools and Colleges which are considered best in the country. 
Top schools in Islamabad

Private Schools In Islamabad

Here is the list of Most Famous Private Sector Schools in Islamabad:
School Name Website Phone
International School of Islamabad Click Here 92-514434950
Imperial International School & College Click Here 92-512103724
Froebel's International School Islamabad Click Here 92-512652165
Al-Huda International School Click Here 92-512287845
International Grammar School Click Here 92-512102526
Sheikh Zayed International Academy Islamabad Click Here 92-514939298
PakTurk International School Click Here 92-514922011
International Islamic Grammar School Click Here 92-512102423
Roots International Schools Click Here 92-51111724111
ASAS International School Islamabad Click Here 92-512255213
Oxbridge International Grammar School Click Here 92-512225155
Westminster School & College Click Here 92-512286944
Roots IVY University College Click Here 92-518730184
The City School Click Here 92-512113035
School of International Law Click Here 92-512211115
International School of Cordoba Click Here 92-512362223
Preparatory School Islamabad Click Here 92-512822348
Headstart School Islamabad Click Here 92-51111478278
Islamabad Convent School Click Here 92-512260981
Beaconhouse School System Click Here 92-51111232266
SLS Montessori & High School Click Here 92-515178536
Elite International School Islamabad Click Here 92-512292006
AIMS Education System Click Here 92-512251922
EMS High School Click Here 92-512294828
Islamabad College of Arts and Sciences Click Here 92-512360771
Lahore Grammar School Islamabad Click Here 92-514442783
Khaldunia High School Islamabad Click Here 92-512223620
Liberal Arts High School Click Here 92-512609666
Schola Nova School Islamabad Click Here 92-512855003

Armed Forces Schools In Islamabad

Here is the list of Armed Forces Schools in Islamabad:
School Name Website Phone
Fazaia Inter College Islamabad Click Here 92-519507551
Bahria College E-8 Islamabad Click Here 92-5120063551


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